Yohannes Yadagne


Yohannes was born and raised in Ethiopia, then immigrated to Canada as a teenager. It was in University where he met Cara- they both played varsity soccer. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and is a licensed soccer coach.

After graduating, Yohannes worked as a soccer coach, running his own academy in Canada. He is passionate about changing people’s mental models and character through leadership development so that they can go on to impact and create meaningful change in their own families, communities and nations. He uses soccer and leadership development to realize his vision.


Cara Yadagne


Cara was born and raised in Canada, but resided in both the Philippines & the Middle East. She holds a Bachelor Degree, majoring as an ESL teacher and is now completing her Master’s Degree in International Relations. She has a deep desire to share hope among the most needy girls and women of Ethiopia. This involves training and empowering young women to transform and change their families and communities.  She is passionate about social justice issues; providing and reaching women through basic health, trade, and leadership education so that they can positively change their families and communities. She and Yohannes have two young daughters who often accompany them while they travel and train leaders.