HIWOT continues to think outside of the box on how to minimize our costs:

  • Our founders, Cara and Yohannes, live with other housemates who share the cost of rent and with individuals who do not have funds to live on their own.

  • Our volunteer leaders and mentors are volunteers, they do not get paid.

  • Our expenses are currently for travel, training materials, soccer equipment, rental of space, and some accommodations to name a few.

  • Another focus has been to save as much as possible to put toward purchasing land as we feel that is a must for sustainability in our ministry.

Please know that any donation helps immensely.  The following provides an idea of how donations are used.

A donation of $25 

provides a soccer ball that is durable enough to handle the rough terrain in East Africa.  Having one soccer ball allows a HIWOT coach to use soccer as the platform for beginning to develop 25 young people as emerging leaders.  

A donation of $50

provides plastic soccer shoes and a soccer jersey for one team member.  Wearing their team jersey not only provides a sense of belonging to at-risk youth, but also allows them to register formally as a team. Through soccer they also receive life and leadership training to impact and transform their lives holistically.

A donation of $100 

provides materials for the HIV women's trades training such as fabrics (for the sewing program), ingredients (for the cooking and baking program). This will equip women, mainly single mothers, to learn a trade that enables them to be financially independent and support their children long-term.

A donation of $250

 provides an income for young coaches and assistants for one month, by providing for their basic needs like food and shelter so they are able to reproduce the training they receive from us in even more unreached areas of the country. Essentially a way to 'multiply ourselves' and provide training on a wider scale in the most at-risk areas of East Africa. OR It can purchase a sewing machine to provide trades training for our HIV women's program; this can equip a woman to begin her own business to support her family sustainably.

A donation of $500

provides the funding needed for the leadership training and or Coaching for Life Program for three days for 100+ people in unreached areas who travel long distances to attend- a reflection of their motivation to learn, and to lead.   


We accept donations through ICMS & PayPal

Donations given through ICMS are tax-receiptable for both Canadians and Americans.

 Hiwot Mentorship Society complies with CRA guidelines for non-profits through our relationship with ICMS, which has direction and control of resources donated on behalf of our ministry and holds us accountable for the work we do.